Sales and marketing law isn’t child’s play but it can be fun!

I remember first meeting Steve Marchant at The Plough Pub in Bloomsbury, London round the corner from wonderful Cartoon Museum where he’s the ‘cartoonist-in-residence’ working with all age groups and organisations. Steve had a pint of John Smith’s and I ordered an extra cold Guinness.

Eighteen months later, we’re still going down the pub to share a beer and a laugh and more recently we’ve been chatting about this new cartoon strip based on the content taken from Guru in a Bottle Essential Law for Marketers 2nd edition which has just been published by Kogan Page.

What brought Steve and me together is our shared sense of humour and a desire to make complicated things clearer, human and accessible, particularly for students and those at the beginning of their sales and marketing careers.

Sales and marketing is the lifeblood of any organisation that depends on selling more stuff, selling or marketing an idea or concept or indeed raising money in order to continue to do good deeds in the community.

As a career choice, many fresh faced graduates are attracted to a career in sales and marketing as it’s a combination of understanding business and organisational objectives coupled with the ability to often find creative and innovative solutions that can deliver tangible outcomes. And often this involves social media and mobile communications.

Not every day looks or feels the same and anyone working in sales and marketing – whether client side or agency side – will tell you that to stay at the top of your game you never stop learning.

That got me thinking about writing a series of books on sales, marketing and the law that would be different from anything else out there.

As Mark Warby QC, one of the leading silks in our industry says:

“Law that passes the lawyer’s test of comprehensibility is often enough a mysterious thicket to those without legal training. To be fair to lawyers, many do attempt to translate the inevitable complexities and jargon into plain English. To be realistic, however, few succeed. Even fewer manage it without over-simplification.”

By all accounts we pulled this off and certainly the legal eagles and those who teach sales and marketing seem to think so!

My hope is that everyone who reads Essential Law for Marketers and the rest of the Guru in a Bottle Series will enjoy it as much as Steve and I had fun making them.

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