Ardi Kolah

A veteran blogger on all things sales and marketing and author of the best-selling cartoon series Guru in a Bottle

British Government delays progress on GDPR as EU pressure mounts

Biggest change to security and data protection across EU is being delayed by British Government

Cowboy marketers face record fines in the New Year

New rules in 2015 will stop cowboy marketers with significant fines

Unlocking the power of data under new EU Regulation

The biggest change to direct marketing could be around the corner.

Advertising the benefits of marriage – India style!

An advertising campaign that hopes to increase the birth rate in India!

“Instant death” to prospect-driven DM is on the cards

End of prospect-driven direct marketing to be illegal under forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation

‘Miracle Whip Factor’, brand dispersion and Ed Miliband

The Miracle Whip brand dispersion theory could help reverse the fortunes of Ed Miliband

Diversity Matters

Diversity matters in order for organisations to become world-class in performance

Why failure can be good for you

Learning from previous mistakes is a recipe for success rather than failure

What value would you put on having a good reputation?

PRCA launches toolkit helping PR practitioners understand the financial impact of reputation.

Will shuffling the pack create a winning hand for the Tories in 2015?

David Cameron is getting in touch with his feminine side in order to give the Cabinet a make over. But will he succeed at the ballot box next year?

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