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Customer sacrifice is now more important than pure “customer satisfaction”

Why customer satisfaction research is inadequate and we should look at understanding customer sacrifice

Does culture matter?
















According to American anthropologists Clyde Kluckhohn and Alfred Kroeber, culture “is a shared social blueprint for life – the constellation of values, assumptions, beliefs and behavioural norms that define a group of people.”

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Getting brands through the school gates can start a green revolution

How getting brands through the school gate can start a green revolution

On-line “brand hijack” ruled unlawful by High Court

Sales and marketing online retail activities need to change as a result of landmark High Court ruling

The Power of Crowds

How crowd sourcing finance is changing the face of legal services for small-medium sized businesses

Accenture uses RBS Six Nations as showcase for its technology

Accenture uses RBS Six Nations as a showcase for its capability and technology in enhancing performance

Predictions for growth of e-learning in sales and marketing

The way the next generation of sales and marketing professionals are trained is going to be very different from current practices and mobile e-learning environments will be key

Legal update on prize promotions, competitions and incentives

Marketers constrained from using prize promotions and competitions as a form of conditional opt-in for direct marketing

Legal update on changes affecting sales and marketing 2014


Sales and marketing laws and regulations will change in 2014 with consequences for all companies based in the UK.

A ride to the dark side

Alex Gibney

The best laid plans can often go awry thanks to the tendency of real life events to play out in unpredictable and surprising ways. This is one of those stories.

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