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Marketers need to reach consumers that shop around the clock

Marketers need to rethink how to reach “always on” consumers claims new research

Marketers need to go back to the tribal school of marketing

Western marketers should learn from tribes for clues in how to survive an economic downturn.

Social media on trial in Ireland High Court case

Defamatory video must be removed from the internet rules Ireland’s High Court in an action against Facebook, YouTube and Google that could open the floodgates to fresh litigation against the internet giants

What’s the risk ending up in court for social media misuse?

Jonathan Coad, partner at Lewis Silkin talks about the legal and ethical issues facing regulators on the issue of defamation and privacy risks using social media

Life after Leveson

The findings of the Leveson Inquiry expected at end of Nov 2012

At the end of this month, Lord Justice Leveson will release his long awaited report into the culture, practices and ethics of the British media as well as the role of the police and the press in the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

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