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A Beacon of Hope Shines its Light on 2010

A beacon of hope for hundreds of thousands of people has started to shine its light across Longbridge in Birmingham.

As a part of a £1billion regeneration programme, Bournville College recently got the green light to build what will become Europe’s most advanced further education college that will train the next generation of skilled workers who will power the growth of the British economy in the 21st century.

The five-minute short film, Investing in Our Future

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Obama’s ‘Message of Hope’ and what this means for us here in the UK?

It’s easy to become cynical about politics and politicians. I was in conversation with Sir Paul Judge on this subject just this week.

High up on the 18th floor of his magnificent London pad that overlooks the River Thames in Pimlico Sir Paul was waxing lyrical to me about the need for politics and politicians to get back to what really matters – what’s best for the UK and for the constituents who elected them rather than the direction of a political party.

And this is coming from someone who was Chairman of the Conservative Party!

But I couldn’t help thinking Sir Paul had a point.

Do we really need to indulge in discussions about the allowances claimed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for her second home rather than thinking how many low income families will be able to afford to pay the rent next month?

Very quickly our conversation turned to the film I made for a special event at the House of Commons commemorating the inauguration of Barack Obama. You can view this in high definition by clicking on the following link:

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