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Where did the ‘elevator pitch’ get its name?

Not listening

Where did the elevator pitch get its name? And why are we all involved in “selling”?

Customer sacrifice is now more important than pure “customer satisfaction”

Why customer satisfaction research is inadequate and we should look at understanding customer sacrifice

Is your glass half empty or half full?

How successful entrepreneurs have created improvised solutions born from ingenuity and smart thinking.

Top ten bargaining tips – Part 2

Top ten bargaining tips

Top ten bargaining tips – Part 1

Top Ten Tips when negotiating with customers and clients

The Squeezy Jet Experience

Where customer service fails to live up to scratch

Are you just my type?

There’s more to building a high performance team than simply money!

Sheer Art Attack!

The UK arts sector looks like it’s in for a rough ride in the forthcoming Public Spending review. New research by YouGov lifts the lid on the challenges facing the sector.

The power of colour

How colour can help to drive sales and marketing performance

Stop ‘selling’ and start negotiating to create sales success

Stop selling and start negotiating

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